Japanese F1M2 'Pete' s/n 4178 Guadalcanal Relic Display by Ron Cole

Own and display an exceptionally rare piece of this Mitsubishi-built F1M2 'Pete's' port-side after-engine access panel, with extremely well-preserved interior and exterior paint!

The F1M was originally built as a catapult-launched reconnaissance float plane, specializing in gunnery spotting. The 'Pete' took on a number of other roles including convoy escort, bomber, anti-submarine patrol, rescue, transport, and anti-shipping strike.

The type was also used as an area-defense fighter and engaged in aerial combat in the Aleutians, the Solomons and several other theaters. In the New Guinea front, it was often used in aerial combat with the Allied bombers and Allied fighters. 

A total of 944 'Petes' were built. 

This aircraft, serial number (4)178 (the first digit was erroneous), was built in Mitsubishi’s Sasebo plant in 1941, was originally painted over-all slate gray, and saw operational combat between Guadalcanal and the Shortland Islands - the most active theater of the Pacific War at that time. In mid-1943, its upper surfaces were camouflaged in the field by order of the Navy. The duraluminum section, at left, was cut from this aircraft’s port-side after-engine access panel, which was salvaged from the Shortland Islands with airframes and other parts in 2007.

These pieces are paired with Ron Cole's stunning depiction of this aircraft in flight at dawn over the battleships Yamato and Fuso. 

Each display is in a black frame made in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and is ready to hang. 

There will only be 50 of these ever made and all are signed & numbered by the artist.

Very limited and rare! The half of this panel containing the stencil will be preserved and is not part of this display series. 

This panel together with other rare F1M 'Pete' components and airframe parts in the collection of Ron Cole and Cole's Aircraft, including a functional Type 97 drift sight. 

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