Ron Cole - Artist and Designer:

Ron Cole built his career in Los Angeles, California as an industrial designer and product development engineer, with companies such as Disney, Pixar, Mattel, Boeing, JPL, and many others. He also worked as a model maker on such films as Terminator III, The Aviator, Cat in the Hat, and Madagascar. While in LA, Ron also worked as an artist and renderer for architects and developers. The unique demands of that competitive industry led him to create a new and proprietary means of creating his imagery - one that combined the best of acrylic-on-canvas media and the versatility of digital painting. 

Ron founded Cole's Aircraft in 2006. A fan of historic aviation since childhood, he combined that passion with his professional experience to market aircraft-themed products; traditional limited edition prints and his unique line of 'relic displays'. The latter combined actual pieces of famous aircraft with his artwork. "People want more than just a pretty picture on the wall," he says. "I offer them that. I provide people with real history that they can reach out and touch".

Cole's Aircraft (and REC@War) incorporated in 2019. Based in Zanesville, Ohio, Ron Cole also runs Gallery Luminaria and is very active in his local art community. 

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