World War I German Zeppelin LZ 37 Flown Girder Relic Display

Own an extremely rare piece of early military aviation history! A large cross-section of authentic flown duraluminum girder structure from WWI German zeppelin LZ 37 - the first airship to be brought down by an aircraft. 
The airship LZ 37 was a World War I Zeppelin of the German Imperial Navy. LZ 37 was part of a raid with Zeppelins LZ 38 and LZ 39. While returning, she was intercepted in the air by Reginald Warneford in his Morane Parasol during its first raid on Calais, on 7 June 1915. Warneford dropped six 20-pound Hales bombs on the zeppelin, which caught fire and exploded. Warneford's Morane was nearly blown out of the sky, but barely managed an emergency landing. It was the first victory of a heavier-than-air aircraft over a lighter-than-air dirigible. Warneford was awarded the Victoria Cross for his victory. 
Ron Cole has captured Warneford's aircraft stalking LZ 37 prior to his successful attack, in this true story of David versus Goliath. 
Ron's artwork is paired with an original flown section of internal structure taken from LZ 37's wreck. These pieces were once part of the Col. George B. Jarrett Collection (founder of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Museum & Library), gifted to collector Richard Boehme by Jarrett in 1962, and acquired by Cole's Aircraft via the Boehme Estate in 2022. 
Each wall-hanging display is 13x219-inches (outer frame dimension, artwork is 11x17-inches), each signed and numbered - one of seventy-five. 

Our only other WWI zeppelin flown relic display sold out very quickly, and these will not last long. Once they are gone - they are gone!

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