V-2 First Object Into Space Relic Display by Ron Cole

The V-2 rocket was the first man-made object ever to enter outer space, on June 20th, 1944 (over 550,000 feet altitude - as opposed to Virgin Galactic's 2021 maximum altitude of 262,000 feet). While originally designed by Germany during World War II as a weapon, the V-2 was mankind's first venture beyond planet Earth. Examples of production V-2s were exported to the United States after the war, where they served as the technological foundation for NASA and its rockets to follow. In 1949, the 'Bumper-WAC' became the next human-made object to enter space as it climbed to an altitude of 244 miles. The rocket consisted of a JPL WAC Corporal missile sitting atop a German-made V-2 rocket.

These pieces of V-2 were taken from a rocket body being scrapped at Aberdeen Proving Grounds by Col. George Burling Jarrett (1901 - 1974) in 1949. The exterior of this steel is painted dark camouflage green, and the interior is coated with a metal fiber infused coating intended to help dissipate heat (almost looks metallic).

Each piece is 2x1.2-inches and affixed to the outside of the glass frame. 

Signed & numbered by the artist.  8.5x11 framed and ready to hang. 

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