The Final Defense, Japanese Ki-67 Night Sortie Against Okinawa, by Ron Cole

I'd heard about these night missions many years ago, from one of my Japanese veteran friends who has long since passed away, and I'd always wanted to paint the scene he described. In the last days of World War II, American medium bombers operating against Japanese airfields in lower Kyushu, had made most any Japanese air operations impossible. Their surviving aircraft had been widely dispersed, sometimes miles away from the runways. Even getting them in a position to fly was next to impossible. Nevertheless, some missions were flown at night, against the very same airfields that were being used to attack them during the day. In spite of their strict secrecy, word of these missions would leak to surrounding garrisons and among the local villages. Nothing could prevent everyone who was able from collecting at the ends of the runways, to cheer on the pilots and crews as they flew off to the south - often to never return. 

Available in multiple sizes, framed & unframed - all signed & numbered.  

Size and Paper

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