Russian Federation Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback 'Red 31' Ukraine Combat Loss Relic Display by Ron Cole

Authentic aluminum exterior skin fragment with original camouflage paint from this Russian Federation Su-34 ‘Fullback’ (that was shot down in Borodyanka, Kyiv, Ukraine on Match 1, 2022 by a surface-to-air-missile) combined with the artwork of Ron Cole in this 11x17-inch wall-hanging display. 

The Ukrainian people have proven to the world that they are both resilient and innovative, both on the battlefield and with how they've found ways to support themselves in a time of great crisis. Over the past few months, Cole's Aircraft has connected with some fine patriots in the region with access to the detritus of their fight for survival. Parts of Russian combat aircraft, such as this Su-34 Fullback, have been salvaged and sent directly to us in the United States. We're happy to help support our Ukrainian friends, and simultaneously offer these pieces to people around the world who appreciate these historic events, the aircraft involved, as well as the spirit of Ukrainian resistance. Nobody knows how the situation will evolve in the future - but for now, we have a limited amount of this material to share with you.

Pieces of ‘Red 31’ and ‘Red 24’ (lost on 3/5) were acquired by Cole’s Aircraft in 6/2022.

Each display is framed as shown and signed & numbered by the artist. Limited to 100 signed & numbered displays.

Link to article regarding this Su-34 combat loss: UA Forces Shot Down RU Su-34 Fighter-Bomber over Chernihiv. One of the Pilots Dead, Another one Captured | Defense Express (


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