Russian Bell P-63 Kingcobra Shimushu Invasion Vet Relic Display

Own a piece of one of the rarest American-built warbirds of World War 2: Bell P-63 Kingcobra of the Red Air Force, veteran of the August 18th invasion of the Kurile Islands.

This aluminum skin section has remarkably well-preserved olive drab paint (thanks to the cold Shimushu climate) and belonged to the specific aircraft depicted in Ron Cole's original painting - s/n 44-4315. This Kingcobra was ultimately stationed on the island for some time after the war, during which it was repeatedly scrambled to chase off intruding American B-24 bombers that were conducting reconnaissance. The Cold War was just starting!

The remains of this aircraft were recovered in 2006 and remain in storage in the United Kingdom. 

Display size is 11 x 17, sighed & numbered, and ready to hang.  

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