RAF Lancaster 'Dambuster' AJ-E Relic 6x8-inch Acrylic Desk Display

Own and display an authentic piece from RAF Lancaster 'AJ-E' that participated in the famous and daring Operation Chastise, - the 'Dambusters' - attached to this beautifully made-in-USA two-sided acrylic desk display by Ron Cole. Original art of the operation is combined with the relic - a roughly 1.5x1-inch section of steel, likely from this aircraft's bomb bay and recovered from its crash site in the mid-1990s. History and COA on the reverse.  Signed & numbered. Very limited to only 30.  

One of the most daring Allied missions of World War II took place on the night of May 16th/17th, 1943, when specially equipped RAF Lancaster bombers bombed several strategic dams thin Germany. Operation Chastise was not without cost to the British. This piece of steel is from Lanc ‘AJ-E’ flown by Lt. Norman Barlow and his crew, which was lost to ground fire that night at 23:50 hours.

This piece of steel was likely part of this aircraft's bomb cradle mechanism from within the bomb bay. 

Our supply of these pieces, carefully cut from somewhat larger sections, is very limited. Each piece will be of at least equal quality to the parts in the image, but the best pieces in terms of paint and other features will be provided with the first orders placed. This is true of all Cole's Aircraft relic displays. 

Signed and numbered.

No discount codes, please. 


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