RAF Hawker Hind Silver Doped Fabric Relic Display

Very rare between-the-wars (c.1935) Royal Air Force Hawker Hind silver doped linen relic display with original art by Ron Cole. 

The Hawker Hind was the primary light bomber in the RAF in the mid-1930s and the last in the classic line of fixed undercarriage biplanes before the outbreak of World War II. Many of the Hind's design cues were carried over into the famous Hawker Hurricane. 

These swatches of silver linen were obtained as part of a larger collection of British military aircraft fabric in the UK, that ranged from late World War I to the 1950s. All were nicely marked. The Hind fabric originated from the lower wing. 


Each display is 11 x 17-inches, framed under glass and ready to hang. Each is signed and numbered - one to twenty - by the artist.

Very limited!

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