Pan American Lockheed Constellation 'Clipper Challenge' Relic Display

Very special 11x17-inch wall-hanging display from Ron Cole that pairs polished aluminum cowling sections from one of the most famous of the classic Pan American World Airways clippers - L-047 Constellation 'Clipper Challenge' - with Ron's much-sought-after original artwork of this aircraft that he was commissioned to paint in 2016 for the Pan American World Airways Historical Foundation!  

Pan American World Airways (PAA) ‘Clipper Challenge’ - N88837 - Lockheed Constellation flew with the clipper fleet from 1946-1954. ‘Challenge’ often participated in promotional photo shoots and commercials for PAA at the time, though the airline operated several Constellations. On May 29th, 1972, while being operated by Arudda Airlines of Brazil, this aircraft crashed after takeoff from Campo International and was written off.

The original aluminum section was taken from this aircraft sometime in 1957 and was in the collection of PAA Captain B. Lorenz (according to two inscriptions on the reverse of the panel section) before being acquired by Cole’s Aircraft in 2018. Dated to 1957 and named to an ex-PAA Captain, the panel was most certainly sourced from the aircraft long before the 1972 crash. It therefore bears what would have been its original polished metal finish. 

Signed & numbered. Numbered to 120 - but likely will be sold out around 100 +/- 

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