P-47 D Thunderbolt 395th FS flown by Captain Thomas N. Montag

P-47D Thunderbolt (42-26393) of the 395th FS flown by Captain Thomas N. Montag (3 Victories). 

History and loss reports:

Capt. Thomas N. Montag
KIA 14Aug44
MACR #8155, Crashed into trees while
strafing near Domfront, France.
P-47D-25-RE 42-26393
Cemetery:  Brittany E-17-11

MACR Details:
PILOT MONTAG Thomas M Captain 0-732317 (25years)
ORGANIZATION Location A-3 Air Force 9th
MISSION: Departure ALG Course 170°
Target of opportunity.- Armed reconnaissance patrol.
AIRPLANE: P47 D-25 A.A.F. Serial number 42-26393
ENGINE: R2800-59 P-14980
WITNESS: Richard KIK 1st Lt 0-745414 saw crash.
CIRCUMSTANCES: Weather haze to 4000 feet
Statement by Lt Kik:
Captain Montag started to strafe some trucks on the main
road running east and west through the forest of Andaine
in the vicinity of Domfront.
He went into a pass at an angle of about 40°, he hit the
truck it started burning.
He started to pull out and scraped the trees for about a
distance of 30 yds and then his tail caught a tree and the
plane crashed into the forest. The plane burst into flames
and the engine has been torn off and the only thing I could
see was a small part of the fuselage which was burning.

Signed and numbered.


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