Nieuport 28 Jarrett Collection Original Linen Relic Display

The French-designed Nieuport 28 is regarded as the first operational fighter aircraft to see service with the United States military.

This unique display includes a large fabric section from a Nieuport 28 with special history that not only includes World War I but Hollywood film. After the Great War this aircraft was shipped to the United States and saw service post-war in the US Navy (during which time this aircraft was painted silver and bore early US stars).

Typical N. 28 silver post-war markings while in US Navy service, below.

It was then acquired by the famous Col. George B. Jarrett, who later established the museum and library at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Col. Jarrett allowed his N. 28 to be used to promote the 1938 Paramount Pictures film, Men With Wings, and painted his aircraft accordingly. 

Shortly thereafter, Col. Jarrett sent large sections of its original fabric to collector Robert Boehme, along with the 8x10-inch black & white photograph included in this display, personally signed with the included inscription: "Here's some genuine Nieuport 28 stuff - not replacements what ever (sic) some covering to fuselage + tail assembly. This is my [?] Nieuport, refinished to plug Para's new movie Men With Wings. You can keep this. G.B.J."   


Compare the 1938 cropped photo, above, with the preserved material, below.

Original silver dope under camouflage painted for Paramounts' Men With Wings.
Each piece of original linen from this aircraft is combined with a copy of the original Col. Jarrett photo of this aircraft as it appeared in on display promoting the film, and Col. Jarrett's personal description of the fabric that he sent Robert Boehme. 
Ron Cole and Cole's Aircraft acquired this linen as part of the Boehme Estate in 2022.
Each 11x17-inch display signed & numbered. Ready to hang. 

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