MiG-29 'Ukrainian Falcons' Ace Pilot Vadym Voroshylov Combat Loss Relic Display

On October 12, 2022, Ukrainian ‘Ace’ pilot Vadym Voroshylov destroyed five Shahed 136 drones: three in southern Ukraine and two over Vinnytsia, and two Russian Federation cruise missiles, making him an ace in a day.  Due to the damage to his aircraft - a MiG-29 Fulcrum that had flown with the famous Ukrainian Falcons airshow team - Vadym ejected in Vinnytsia region, having previously diverted the aircraft from over an urban area. He was awarded the Hero of Ukraine Medal for his actions and acquired the nickname "Ghost of Vinnytsia".

The remains of his MiG were shipped to Ron Cole of Cole’s Aircraft in the United States in exchange for a donation in support of Ukraine’s war effort.  

Each display is 13x19-inches (artwork is 11x17) and is ready to hang. Signed & numbered - 1 of 120. 

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