Messerschmitt Captured Me 262 b-1 'Watson's Whizzers'

Messerschmitt Me 262 b-1 'Vera' of USAAF Watson's Whizzers'
'Vera' was a single-seat 262 converted by Blohm & Voss and assigned to NJG 11 at Schleswig - where she was captured by the Allies. After being painted with US markings and her nickname, she was flown to Melun, France by Willie Hoffman - a former Messerschmitt test pilot - and that flight is depicted here in my new piece. She was repainted in France and renamed 'Willy' before being shipped to the US. She was on display at NAS Willow Grove for 60 years, and restored in 2006.
Painting commissioned by Legend Flyers, creators of the 'new build' Me 262 project. 


Signed and numbered. 

Size and Paper

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