Luftwaffe Messerschmitt BF 109 F-2 JG 54 Russian Front Yellow Wing Relic Display

A very rare opportunity to acquire this original piece of World War II Eastern Front history: Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2 of JG 54 in very unique tri-color camouflage believed to have been the mount of 'Ace' pilot Werner Pichon Kalau v. Hofe (21 victories). 

Jagdgeschwader 54 was the highest scoring German fighter unit of World War II, experiencing most of its combat on the Eastern Front. 7./ JG 54 was known for its exotic field-applied camouflage during its deployment to Finland in 1942. This early Bf 109 F-2 was possibly flown by Werner Pichon Kalau v. Hofe (21 victories), its partially excavated remains matching its distinctive paint scheme. This fragment bears the original ‘Eastern Front’ yellow paint applied to this aircraft’s wingtips.  


Werner Pichon Kalau v. Hofe was transferred out of JG 54 and assigned to the personal staff of Adolf Galland, but his 109 continued in combat with his unit. These remains were recovered in East Prussia (outside present-day Kaliningrad) in the 1980s. Hofe's markings were unique, but no records have been found to confirm this was his aircraft as no main airframe Werknummer was found and his pilot's log has never been found. Nevertheless, this is an extremely rare and well-preserved piece of a 7./JG 54 109 F-2 in rare field-applied camouflage and Eastern Front markings - likely linked to a famous German fighter 'Ace'.

Artwork size is 11x17-inches. Outside frame size is 13x19-inches. Each ready to hang and signed & numbered. The first 12 sold will be yellow with a rivet, the next 20 sold will be good yellow paint only. 


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