Lockheed U-2 'Spy Plane' s/n 80-1078 Black Aluminum Skin Relic Display 11x17

Lockheed U-2 TR-1A s/n 80-1078 Relic Display by Ron Cole

The U-2 was designed in the early 1950s to penetrate enemy airspace, and fly above the reach of enemy interceptors and missiles. Flown originally by the CIA, and later, the USAF, the U-2 was one of the most important intelligence assets during the Cold War. Even after the introduction of the SR-71 Blackbird and advanced spy satellites, the U-2 (and TR-1) remained a valuable aircraft, thanks to its capability to fly above 70,000 feet, and remain over enemy territory for long periods of time.

This U-2, serial number 1078, was built as a TR-1A in March 1985. On April 24th, 1990, this aircraft crashed at RAF Alconbury in the UK, with no fatalities, and was subsequently rebuilt as a U-2ST trainer.

This original section of 1078’s outer wing skin paneling was recovered from the scene of the 1990 accident. 

Accompanying photos show the larger panel that these pieces were cut from, as well as the identifying information etched into the original paint by the first U-2 pilot (not included with this piece, but shown for provenance). 

New, high-quality, made in USA, 11x17 brushed black frame. Signed & numbered by the artist.

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