Japanese Kamikaze Strike: USS Zeilin 1945 Relic Display

History (as described on the display): 

Kamikaze Strike: January 13th, 1945 USS Zeilin, off Luzon, Philippine Islands

The Attack Transport (APA-3) USS Zeilin saw action in virtually every Pacific campaign of World War II, from Guadalcanal to Iwo Jima. On January 13th, 1945, it was struck by a single ‘kamikaze’ after departing San Fabian, Luzon. Damage was extensive, but the ship continued to Leyte, underwent repairs, and was back in action two months later. This piece of cowling aluminum was recovered from the deck of the Zeilin at Leyte.

Details of the relic:

I held off on releasing this display pending the hoped-for identification of the type of aircraft that hit the Zeilin that day, and that this aluminum fragment is from. Its study suggests that it was of late-war Kawasaki manufacture based upon the matte gray paint on the backside of the material, and black paint over bare metal - but that's all of the information that may be determined. It is, nevertheless, a very rare piece of history that partners well with my Pearl Harbor artifact display, or as a stand alone piece. Each piece is roughly 2x1-inches. The first 8 displays will have a rivet (first come first serve). Good paint on all. This edition is numbered at 1 of 50 - though there will likely be a few less as the material is divided and displays built from what we have. 

Each display is 13x19-inches, and signed & numbered by the artist - one of only about 50. 


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