Japanese Air Force Ki-9 Type 95 Relic Display

The Ki-9 Type 95 ‘Spruce’ was the Japanese Army Air Force’s intermediate trainer during World War II, and was utilized extensively as a Special Attack (Kamikaze) aircraft after October 1944. The Japanese Army and Navy moved their pilot training facilities to the Korean peninsula to avoid Allied bombings. Many Ki-9s were reserved in Japan in expectation of an Allied invasion. They were surprisingly effective in the Special Attack role, as they could fly low, slow, and were very difficult to pick up on radar. This fabric from Ki-9 Type 95, serial number 6553, was cut from an aircraft by an American serviceman during the Allied occupation of Japan in 1945. It was likely converted for ‘Kamikaze’ use by that time - with apparatus for carrying a 100 kg bomb or an oil drum of flammable liquid.
Framed and ready-to-hang, 11 x 8.5 inch display with glass. 
Signed and numbered - one of only 30. 

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