Grumman TBM-3 Avenger W. Soplata Relic Display from Ron Cole

Grumman TBM-3 Avenger aluminum wing skin relic display by Ron Cole.
Several Grumman Avengers survived World War II and became fire bombers, among other commercial uses. But very few survived with their original wartime paint and in their original wartime configuration. This is your rare opportunity to own and display an original piece from one of the few Avengers that wasn't repainted post-war and still retains its original blue camouflage with white air group wartime markings!
The famous Walter Soplata, of Newbury, Ohio, preserved an intact TBM-3 for decades. After his passing that aircraft went back to the family who'd previously owned it. But Walter had many parts from a second TBM-3 that remained in its original wartime markings. The Warbirds of Glory Museum acquired that TBM's wing from the Soplata Estate, and it was acquired by Cole's Aircraft in 2022. The pieces combined here with Ron Cole's original artwork in this wall-hanging display came from that wing section.
The first 23 of these displays will be affixed with skin that retains the original blue paint PLUS the original white air group markings!
Each display is signed & numbered by the artist. Display size is 13x19-inches (outer frame size) and the artwork itself is 11x17-inches. 
Arrives to you ready-to-hang.  

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