Boeing B-29 Superfortress 'Big Time Operator'

Originally commissioned by the owner of 'Big Time Operator's' nose section: Ron Cole's original rendition of this aircraft in operation against Japan in 1945.  


B-29-50-BW-42-24791 "The Big Time Operator" was produced by Boeing, Wichita Kansas 17 October 1944. After acceptance, this B-29 was assigned to the 1st Bomb Squadron (Very Heavy), 9th Bomb Group, 313th Bomb Wing, XXI Bomber Command, 20th Air Force. "The Big Time Operator" was flown on 46 Combat Missions over Japan from Guam and Tinian during 1945. After World War Two, B-29 42-24791 "The Big Time Operator" was flown back to the United States. She was stricken from inventory in 1950 and transferred to China Lake Naval Weapons Station. At China Lake "The Big Time Operator" was used as a ground target with many other famous B-29's for decades of weapons testing. The nose section was eventually recovered from China Lake and put on display at the Edward F. Beale Museum, California until 2001. The Beale Museum closed and the nose section was transferred through the National Museum of the United States Air Force to the New England Air Museum, Connecticut. The New England Air Museum used the remains of "The Big Time Operator" to restore their B-29 "Jacks Hack". QuestMasters obtained the nose of B-29-50-BW 42-24791 "The Big Time Operator" in November 2012. See more info at

Signed and numbered. 

Size and Paper

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