Boeing B-17F 42-30681 Aleutian Islands Combat Loss Relic Display

Own a piece of this very rare Flying Fortress that was lost in action against Japanese forces in the Aleutian Islands in 1943.

Built in Boeing’s Seattle plant as Construction Number 5795, this Fortress was assigned to the 11th Air Force operating in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. Operating in one of the most inhospitable theaters of World War II, this aircraft was in constant action against both the Japanese and the area’s hostile weather. On April 27, 1943, B-17F 42-30681 was on a bombing run against Japanese positions when the aircraft was damaged by ground fire. On its return flight the crew were ultimately forced to take to their parachutes, while the B-17F crashed into the ground. In 1986, and again in 2001, the wreck site was salvaged for parts.

This section of aluminum from 42-30681 was obtained from the B-17E ‘Desert Rat’ restoration team in 2024.  

These pieces of aluminum skin are remarkably well preserved due to the cold climate in which they were recovered. 

Each wall-hanging display is 13x19-inches (including the black frame). Signed and numbered by the artist. Ready to hang. 

Limited to 100 displays. 

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