B-24D (Louis Zamperini) Super Man, April 1943

United States Army Air Force B-24D Liberator 'Super Man' 
Louis Zamperini enlisted in the USAAF in September 1941 and earned a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant. He was deployed to the Pacific island of Funafuti as a bombardier on B-24D 'Super Man'. In April 1943, during a bombing mission against the Japanese-held island of Nauru, the bomber was badly damaged in combat (depicted in this composition). With 'Super Man' no longer flight-worthy, and a number of the crew injured, the healthy crew members were transferred to Hawaii to await reassignment. Zamperini, along with some other former Super Man crewmates, was assigned to conduct a search for a lost aircraft and crew. They were given another B-24, The Green Hornet, notorious among the pilots as a lemon. On May 27, 1943, while on the search, mechanical difficulties caused the bomber to crash into the ocean 850 miles (1,370 km) south of Oahu, killing eight of the 11 men aboard.
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