Paper & Frames

Ron Cole & Cole's Aircraft: Changing the Way People Buy Art

Cole's Aircraft is proud to offer an unusually diverse array of papers, canvas and frame options for all of our over 150 different compositions. Our Giclee' printing is crafted in-house (except our 40x60 gallery wrapped canvases) which provides us with unique versatility and quality control. 

Papers and Canvas

Matte Paper: The most commonly encountered material for Giclee' prints, we use an acid free professional-grade matte coated paper of a heavy weight, chosen for its ability resist wrinkling over time and resistance to curling when shipped or stored in our extra-large shipping tubes. It is best framed under glass.

Metallic Paper: Our favorite material, offered only in the 20x30 and 24x36 sizes, may be new to many collectors. Contrary to its name it is not 'metallic' - but subtly pearlescent bright white. Under direct light the material creates a subtle depth to the print and saturated colors really pop from the surface. As a photo paper its surface is glossy and will always be best framed under glass. Not recommended for especially dark compositions. 

Canvas: The traditional artist's classic. We use museum-grade coated matte. This resilient material is best stretched around a frame (by a professional framer) and not displayed under glass. It can be hung 'gallery style' on its own or within a separate open frame. We only offer canvas in the 24x36 and 40x60 sizes.


Cole's Aircraft wants to change the way people buy art; from the old method of buying a rolled print that requires professional and expensive framing, to offering framed and ready-to-hang paintings at a combined and very reasonable price. We choose versatile and neutral colors, black frames and pale beige matting, that will blend well with most any decor. All of Ron's prints are available in this store as framed options - from 13x19 framed and matted, to 24x36 offered under glass or on canvas mounted in open frames. 

Instructions: Open box. Hang on your wall.

 Big 40x60 Gallery Wrapped Canvases

Ron Cole's work is world-renown for its fine detail, and of all our offerings, no other showcases that detail as gloriously as our huge 40x60 gallery wrapped ready-to-hang canvases. 

Utilizing gloss canvas, the material provides a beautiful depth and uniquely hand-painted appearance. The canvas is stretched over and extra-think wood frame with very sharp black edging, which appears elegant and ensures that none of the composition is lost around the edges. 

These 40x60 pieces are shipped ready-to-hang with all of the necessary hardware.

Cole's Aircraft does offer custom sizes, framing and even wall murals, prices dependent upon the customer's requirements.

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