Aircraft Relic Displays


Cole's Aircraft relic displays combine original art and authentic fragments from World War II aircraft, usually combat losses. The idea behind the concept is to allow the artwork to speak for the fragment, and to allow the fragment to breath a physical life into the artwork. All displays are sold in ready-to-hang frames with either glass or acrylic, and each display includes a description of the aircraft's history.
While there is no formal third-party authentication service for World War II aircraft parts, such as there is for sports memorabilia, all parts that are sold by Cole's Aircraft have been obtained from known and verifiable sources, such as the Wings Museum of Surrey, England, and Legend Flyers of Everett, Washington. Some parts are obtained from the excavators themselves, but only under circumstances which explain their origins and histories. One such contributor has been the well known aviation archaeologist Christiaan Vanhee of Belgium.
All of these fragments, unless otherwise described, are in unusually excellent condition regarding the typical presence of original paint or other identifiable qualities. These materials in such condition have become extremely rare due to progressing deterioration and the increasing inability to interview surviving eye witnesses to an aircraft's crash location. Most of these parts come from old excavations or from aircraft salvage operations that took place many years ago.
Each display is unique insofar as each display includes an aircraft fragment that is different from any other, but each piece is comparable to any other in terms of size, condition, and overall presentation. The Gallery images in the Cole's Aircraft store are thus representative, and buyers may not receive the fragment specifically represented in the image - though of equal quality in every respect.
Cole's Aircraft is the only source in the world for these displays. They represent a unique investment opportunity, and a chance to own something special that is sure to become a conversation piece.



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