Pfalz D.XII Wing Rib 24x36-inch Relic Display

Special one-of-a-kind 24x36-inch display built around a very rare and original wing rib from this specific aircraft. Signed and numbered one of one. 


Aircraft History:
After World War I, several German aircraft types were provided to the United States as a part of Germany's war reparations. Among those airplanes were two late-war Pfalz D.XII fighters, which, along with the Fokker D.VII, represented the most advanced aerial technology that the former enemy had to offer by 1918. One of these two D.XIIs (s/n 2486/18) was later purchased by George Burling Jarrett, who was the original pioneer of historic aircraft preservation and who went on to create the museum and library at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (which now bear his name). Jarrett spent the next 30 years of his life laboring to preserve and display this aircraft, while loaning it to be used in various Hollywood films, including Howard Hughes's Hell's Angels. By 1947, however, it had significantly deteriorated and much of it had been replaced by new material, wood and fabric. While it was later purchased by the National Air and Space Museum, Jarrett held on to much of the original material, especially from this aircraft's wings - including sections of the wing spars, metal fittings, and original linen.
In 1962, Jarrett sent the original Pfalz D.XII parts to collector Robert Boehme, who was then the Chief of Police for the City of Seattle, Washington. In early 2021, Ron Cole purchased the Boehme Estate, including these samples of rare and original German-printed lozenge upper-surface linen from this aircraft's aileron. 



For further information about the history of this specific aircraft, photos, correspondence, and provenance, please visit our online Cole's Aircraft World website.


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