Very Limited 'Operation Vengeance' Admiral Yamamoto G4M Aircraft Relic Display

Own a piece of Japanese Navy Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's G4M 'Betty' transport - the aircraft in which he was shot down during Operation Vengeance on April 18th, 1943. 

It's been described as my 'Holy Grail' piece: Originally released in 2016, they sold out quickly. When I had the chance to re-acquire a larger piece of this aircraft that I'd parted with many years ago, I jumped on it and am now offering 12 newly created wall-hanging relic displays with a piece from this larger sample of aluminum skin.  

Framed 13 x 19-inch display built around an authentic fragment from the right wing of Japanese G4M1 'Betty' No. 323 that carried Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto over Bougainville, and was shot down by Lt. Rex Barber (USAAF) in Operation Vengeance, April 18th, 1943.

This piece of aluminum skin has some well-preserved 'Aotake' paint on one side, and faint remains of iron oxide paint on the other. Each piece is 1 x 1-inches. 


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