Very Limited 8.5x11-inch Admiral Yamamoto G4M Aircraft Relic Display


It's been described as my 'Holy Grail' piece: Originally released in 2016, they sold out quickly. They have been my most requested display ever since, but over all of these years, I've never found any other reliably authentic pieces from this historic aircraft. But, just a few weeks ago, one of my earliest customers (who contributed the banner photos on this web store), traded one of the original displays back to me. I'd given him an unusually large, 4x4-inch, piece. So, in time for the Holidays, I'm releasing FOUR of these pieces with new artwork, including1x1-inch pieces of this aircraft! I'm not giving them away, but I'm not even keeping one for myself - I'd rather that four of my customers get a crack at them :)  

Framed 8.5 x 11-inch display built around an authentic fragment from the right wing of Japanese G4M1 'Betty' No. 323 that carried Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto over Bougainville, and was shot down by Lt. Rex Barber (USAAF) in Operation Vengeance, April 18th, 1943.

This piece of aluminum skin has some well preserved 'Aotake' paint on one side, and faint remains of iron oxide paint on the other.

This piece came from Charles Darby, by the way!


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