Special World War II Famous Fighters Relic Displays Set

Special Offer: Set of Four World War II Famous Fighters Relic Displays

Matching 11x17-inch framed and ready-to-hang set - all signed and numbered


RAF Supermarine Spitfire Mk Ib

No aircraft personifies the Battle of Britain like the Spitfire, and we offer you here not only a rare (as there will only be ten of these displays made) opportunity to own and preserve a piece of a Battle of Britain Spitfire Mk Ib, but a piece of aluminum that retains the aircraft's iconic and unique green early-war upper-surface camouflage! 

We unfortunately don't know what Squadron this aircraft served with or flew it - only that it was taken as a souvenir in September 1940, and the Mark Spitfire it came from - thus the details are lost to history. But we've never had Spitfire or Battle of Britain aircraft relic material as beautiful as these. 

USAAF P-51D Mustang

Authentic fragment from P-51D Mustang European Theater combat loss combined in a nice ready-to-hang display.
This P-51D 'Little Doc' was engaged in aerial combat with four Me 262 jet fighters on April 5th 1945. After damaging one 262, Lt. Cowley in "Little Doc' was hit and Cowley bailed out. He landed safely, and his aircraft was excavated in 2006.
Japanese Navy A6M3 Mod. 32 Zero
Mitsubishi A6M3 Mod. 32 Zero. This aircraft (serial number 3145/3148) was built in September 1942 and assigned to the 252nd Kokutai. It was deployed to Taroa Atoll in the Marshall Islands and given tail code ‘Y2-128’. On April 18th 1943 it was likely involved with the interception of Lt. Louis Zamperini’s B-24D Liberator, and later was probably flown in combat by the famous Ace, Isamu Miyazaki. 
Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Me 109 G-6
Own an original piece of aluminum skin (with original paint) from the most famous Luftwaffe fighter: Messerschmitt 109 G-6 of JG2 (Richthofen), lost in combat over Epinoy, France on August 19th, 1943! 
All four for only $400 (a savings of $150) and flat-rate Priority Mail shipping for only $13


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