SPECIAL One-of-a-Kind XB-70 Valkyrie Cockpit Breaker Panel Relic Display

Why hang just a piece of art when you can display and preserve a piece of history that you can touch?

This is a very special 24x48-inch one-of-a-kind framed display, combining Ron Cole's original canvas artwork with an original cockpit breaker panel from XB-70 AV-2! 

The North American XB-70 Valkyrie was the fastest and most advanced strategic bomber ever built. By the time it took to the skies in 1964, however, the entire strategic bomber concept had been rendered obsolete by the deployment of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). Nevertheless, two XB-70s entered service as advanced test aircraft.

The top speed of the XB-70 (Mach 3+) demanded entirely new materials and construction technologies, such as the so-called ‘honeycomb’ steel and titanium laminate skin; light weight, high strength, and able to sustain and dissipate the high temperatures of Mach 3 flight that would melt aluminum.

On June 8th, 1966, the second-built XB-70 (AV-2), was participating in a low-speed photo shoot with a variety of other aircraft, one of which collided with the XB-70, shearing off the latter’s vertical stabilizers. AV-2 entered a flat spin and tragically crashed into the desert floor.

This piece's artwork measures a full 24x48-inches, within a custom-made matte black, red-trimmed, hardwood frame. Signed and numbered one of one, by the artist. The large breaker panel is attached to the hardwood frame, and is especially unique and representative of the XB-70, with breakers attributed to its six GE YJ93 turbojet engines. It is very well marked, with traceable NAA part number stamps, and crew-applied colored markings.  

Truly a flagship Cole's Aircraft piece that won't last long!

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