Special Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Titanium Relic Display 20x16


This is absolutely the best of the best out of the remains of this amazing aircraft!

Very rare titanium skin fragment relic display from SR-71 'Super Skater' (serial number 17970) with original radar-absorbing exterior black paint and white stencil marking. A very unique 6x4 inch section of exterior titanium skin with original black radar-absorbing paint! This piece is documented to have come from this aircraft's rear engine nacelle. It is mounted to a unique rendition of this aircraft in flight, printed on matte canvas, framed in a matching red-trimmed wood frame. 

This aircraft was lost on 17 June 1970 following a post-re-fueling collision with the KC-135Q (59-1474) tanker. Lt. Col. Buddy L. Brown and his RSO Maj. Mortimer J. Jarvis both ejected and survived the crash. The KC-135 made it back to Beale AFB, California with a damaged refueling boom and aft fuselage.

These pieces were recovered from the crash site in June 2013 by Zane Harwell, from whom these parts were directly obtained. The vast majority of the aircraft was removed from the site by the government in 1970, but these few pieces of wreckage remained - likely the only SR-71 airframe parts in civilian hands, and likely all that there will ever be!   



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