Special Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Black Titanium Skin Part Number Relic Display

Special one-of-a-kind SR-71 relic display, with 3x2.5 inch section of titanium skin from this specific aircraft, with rare etched part number (AW543-19 "6") - signed and numbered one of one!

Titanium structure fragment relic display from SR-71 'Super Skater' (serial number 17970). This aircraft was lost on 17 June 1970 following a re-fueling collision with a KC-135Q (59-1474) tanker. Lt. Col. Buddy L. Brown and his RSO Maj. Mortimer J. Jarvis both ejected and survived the crash. The KC-135 made it back to Beale AFB, California with a damaged refueling boom and aft fuselage. Super Skater crashed into the desert. These pieces were recovered from the crash site in June 2013 by Zane Harwell, from whom these parts were directly obtained. The vast majority of the aircraft was removed from the site by the government in 1970, but these few pieces of wreckage remained. 

The titanium part is attached to the front of the glass with Velcro, with the black-painted side out, so that it can be removed to show the part number on the reverse side.  

Framed display is 11x17 inches.