Special 24x36 Fuselage Star B-25G Mitchell s/n 42-65035 Relic Display

Special 24x36 framed canvas one-of-a-kind relic display with large section of aluminum skin bearing part of this aircraft's star insignia!   

Rare North American B-25G-3 s/n 42-65035 (delivered 7-3-1943) 75 mm cannon 'ground attack' aircraft with North African combat history! 

Bringing aviation art, history, and aircraft relics together - one airplane at a time.
My latest painting of a rare aircraft: North American B-25G-3 that served in North Africa in 1943, and later crashed stateside during a training mission.
This is the rarest of all B-25 versions, and unique in that it was built around its huge 75mm cannon in its nose, with which it was capable of sinking enemy warships the size of a destroyer with a single shot. The usual dual controls were eliminated, placing the pilot soley in control of the aircraft, including its powerful gun. Few were built and none survive, today.
The remains of this B-25G were raised by a local individual from Lake Martin, Alabama in 1992, and later acquired by Ron Cole from the Warbird's of Glory Museum in 2022. 

24x36 framed canvas and one-of-a-kind! 

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