SPECIAL 24x36 A6M2 Mod. 21 Zero Cowling Flap Relic Display

*** Extremely rare and well-preserved cowling flap unique to the Model 21 Zero fighter, in this handmade one-of-a-kind 24x36 open frame canvas paired with Ron Cole's original painting of this this specific aircraft ***


History of Our A6M2 Zero:

This aircraft was built under license by Nakajima in April of 1943, and immediately assigned to the famous 201st Kokutai (Naval Air Group, Imperial Japanese Navy) based at Tobera (Rabaul), New Britain, Papua New Guinea, in the South Pacific. The aircraft's serial number was 7830, and its tail code was WI-129. Many 'Aces' flew this aircraft, as the 201st accumulated over 450 claimed 'victories' between June 1943 and January 1944, when it was withdrawn to Saipan, and Japanese pilots weren't assigned specific aircraft. In around October of 1943 this Zero received multiple .30 caliber hits to its main fuel tank, probably in combat over Torokina, and was forced to make an emergency landing on Balalae Island, then a bypassed Japanese garrison. It remained there until 2019, and arrived in Zanesville, Ohio from Australia in July 2022.


This cowling flap retains some of its rarely preserved blue/black factory-applied paint over iron oxide primer. The backside retains some Aotake anti-corrosive coating and silver paint over iron oxide primer - a somewhat unusual blend of colors due to these components having been made by different subcontractors. 

Very rare!







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