Remember Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Japanese B5N2 Bomber Aircraft Relic Display

Perhaps the most potent offensive weapon system in the arsenal of the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1941 was the aircraft carrier and the B5N2 ‘Kanko’ attack bomber. Both were brought to bear against the United States Navy at Pearl Harbor on December 7th of that year, when masses of these then-advanced aircraft, along with their Zero fighter escorts and dive bomber companions, conducted one of the most daring military operations in world history. This piece of ‘dural’ aluminum (an innovative light weight alloy formulated in Japan) is an original fragment of one of these aircraft. It was recovered from Shumshu in the Kurils, where the last great battle of World War II was fought in August 1945, and that saw the red sun that rose with the attack upon Pearl Harbor, finally set. The ‘Kanko’ witnessed both events.

Original artwork by Ron Cole depicts B5N2 'Kate' flown by Lt. Mitsumori Suzuki from the aircraft carrier Kaga on its attack run upon Battleship Row during the first wave on December 7th 1941. 

Framed and ready to hang. 10 x 19 'shadow box' premium display under glass. 

Signed and numbered - only 30 will be made. 



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