Metamorphosis, by Ken Brown - White Ash Poly Optic Inlays

Metamorphosis, sculpture by Ken Brown of Zanesville, Ohio (1940 - 2016)

One solid piece of white ash wood with poly optic inlays. Regarded as Brown's masterpiece, Metamorphosis took two years of daily attention to complete. 36 inches in height. This piece comes with a CD that shows the creation of this sculpture from start to finish.  


Ken Brown was born in Zanesville, Ohio on September 28th 1940, and passed away peacefully in his home near Ann Arbor, Michigan on January 26th 2016

In the intervening years Mr. Brown relentlessly pursued the mastery of sculpture, mold making, art history, metallurgy, teaching, and writing.

Ken Brown's Artist Statement reads:

"I have been creating art in the sculpture idiom for well over 50 years, and now have some productive years left to me as a gift from somewhere.

"Most recently I've turned to the medium of wood. This was mainly due to the influence of my professor at Ohio University many years ago - Ohio's own David Hostetler. He showed me how wood can become a great expressive force in art.

"If there is a continuity or thematic thread that runs through the entire body of work from 1960 onwards it is this: The expressive power of pure form relationships in it's most abstract sense. This means that with form a sculptor can evoke ideas, emotions, discoveries and other personal and even universal references. Sometimes the works are indirectly representational; sometimes they are figural abstractions. Often they are neither. But always they explore Qualities of Form and always seek a unity or sense of completeness and autonomy. In spite of years passing there has developed a chain of imagery revealed to me through time where one work links to it's predecessors and then begs for its successor. If I pay attention to it there is always more in store."

On January 20th 2017, the surviving collection of Ken's work was amassed in Ann Arbor and returned for the first and last time to his home town of Zanesville, under the curatorship of Zanesville artist Ron Cole.