Luftwaffe Ju-87 Stuka Eastern Front Yellow Aluminum Relic Display

Own a piece of Operation Barbarossa!

This Junkers Ju-87 B-2 (Werk Nu. 5956) was part of the Luftwaffe's initial air offensive against the Soviet Union in 1941. Operating from Finland with Lehrgescheader 1, this aircraft, that this original piece of aluminum skin was cut from, was shot down by Russian anti-aircraft fire near Salia on the 26th of July, 1941. This 1.5x1.5 inch piece is especially rare, as it retains much of the field-applied 'Eastern Front' yellow-orange paint that the Germans applied to the underside wing tips of their aircraft at the time. The yellow paint was supposed to help German anti-aircraft crews identify friend from foe from the ground, as 'friendly fire- incidents had been a problem in the first weeks of Operation Barbarossa. This Stuka was rediscovered by Russian aviation archeologists in 1996 and partially excavated. No human remains were discovered with this wreck.  

A very rare piece of World War II aviation history that you can touch, display, and preserve! Full history provided. 

The wall-hanging display is 8.5x11, and each is signed and numbered by Ron Cole. Very limited quantities! 


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