Luftwaffe Ace H. Ademeit's Fw 190 A-6 6x8-inch Acrylic Desk Display

Aviation history you can touch with Ron Cole's free-standing two-sided acrylic relic displays. Perfect 6x8-inch size for desk or bookshelf. Handmade in the USA, right here in Zanesville, Ohio!
Aircraft & Pilot History:
Hptm. Horst Ademeit was credited with 166 aerial 'victories' during World War II, all while flying with Jagdgeschwader 54. On August 7th, 1944, he was flying Focke Wulf 190 A-6 werksnummer 5960. He was last seen flying low and alone near Wenden, Latvia, trailing light smoke, after he reportedly had chased and shot down a Russian Il-2. His aircraft suddenly rolled to the right and flew into the ground at high speed. In 2009, based upon the aforementioned eyewitness account, an archeological team found and partially excavated the site, which by then was little more than a hole in the earth filled with water. The identity of the aircraft and its pilot were confirmed, but landowners would not allow a complete excavation of the aircraft. 
Horst Ademeit was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves.
Each display includes a 2x1-inch section of exterior aluminum skinning from this aircraft, attached to the outside of the acrylic.
Included Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Signed & numbered. 

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