Japanese Ki-55 'Ida' Fuselage Skin Relic Display

 Japanese Tachikawa Ki-55 'Ida' fuselage skin section relic display.

The Ki-55 was developed from the Tachikawa Ki-36 close cooperation aircraft, which first flew in 1938, as an advanced trainer for the Japanese Army Air Force. Like the Zero, it was a very light, relatively fast, and maneuverable aircraft with good range and excellent flying characteristics. At least one Ki-55 was used in the Kuril Islands, likely for observation duties and as a unit hack, based out of Shumshu.

This section of fuselage skin was recovered from a high-impact crash site on Shumshu by a Russian team in 2011. It is the only documented Ki-55 or Ki-36 crash site in the world. The exterior retains its Army yellow-orange gloss paint, and the obverse shows evidence of the unique matte blue-gray primer and preservative used by Tachikawa.    

One of only twenty. 

Each display is 13x19-inches, and signed & numbered by the artist - one of twenty. 

No discount codes, please.  


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