Super Display: P-51D Mustang, Me 262 Combat Loss Relic Display

One-of-a-kind 24 x 48 framed and ready-to-hang P-51D Mustang relic display. Combines Ron Cole's 'In All her Glory' bare metal P-51D painting with a large authentic fragment from P-51D Mustang European Theater combat loss.
This P-51D 'Little Doc' was engaged in aerial combat with four Me 262 jet fighters on April 5th 1945. After damaging one 262, Lt. Cowley in "Little Doc' was hit and Cowley bailed out. He landed safely, and his aircraft was excavated in 2006.
This 24 x 48 painting is printed on matte coated canvas and displayed in a black open frame. Signed and numbered 1/1.
The attached large section of 'Little Doc' originated from the aircraft's forward fuselage. It consists of exterior skin and heavy internal structure still with much of its original paint. 

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