Japanese Ki-61 'Tony' Fighter 'Hinomaru' Relic Display

 Japanese Kawasaki Ki-61 'Tony' fighter ultra-rare fuselage insignia relic display, built around a section of aluminum skin taken by the US soldier in Manila, Philippines, 1945.

One of only seven. 

This piece of duraluminum was cut from the fuselage insignia of a Ki-61 'Tony' by Aubrey Murray, on August 20th, 1945. Each piece from this rare souvenir includes a section of the Hinomaru, and a piece of the interior structure, still with its unique Kawasaki interior matte gray paint. Mr. Murray wrote this information on the back the material, a copy of which has been included in the artwork by Ron Cole. 

Each display is 13x19-inches, and signed & numbered by the artist - one of seven. 

No discount codes, please.  


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