Pan American World Airways Boeing 314 Clipper Aluminum Skin Relic Display 9 x 12

The Boeing 314 Clippers were operated exclusively by Pan American World Airways (Pan Am), and represented the peak of commercial aviation in the pre-war era of aviation history; technology and class that belong to a bye gone era missed much in our day of uncomfortable economy air travel. Pan Am was the great air service of that golden era, and the 314 was its centerpiece until after World War II. Pan Am, and all of its glorious 314s, are now extinct.

My painting of this 314 Clipper was my first ever commission, and is still to date my all time best seller. As a result I've made it a priority to try and find any remaining parts from any of the 12 aircraft ever built. Only recently was I lucky enough to find and acquire a small wing section of exterior aluminum skin. Sadly, there was no information regarding which of the Clippers it came from; only a vague story that it had been saved as a souvenir after a repair in the Pacific. But, it is no doubt what it purports to be, and in all of my years of acquiring rare and unusual historic aircraft parts - I have never seen another. In keeping with my tradition of sharing with others, I offer these pieces to you! There will only be fourteen, each signed and numbered, each in an 8.5x11-inch wall-hanging frame.  

- R. Cole



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