SPECIAL Russian Il-2 Shturmovik 'White 6' 24x36 Relic Display

Special one of a kind 24 x 36-inch display of Red Air Force Il-2 'White 6' fuselage panel, including field-applied white number '6' and red Soviet star. 

More Il-2s were produced than any other combat aircraft in the history of aviation, due to its effectiveness against the advancing German army in 1941. This Il-2, 'White 6' of the 4th ShAP, was a very early produced version of the Shturmovik that was thrown against Hitler's Wehrmacht in late June and early July 1941. The fuselage panel from which these pieces were cut bears its early camouflage and original markings. Few of these early, single seat, aircraft were built, and most were lost in the first weeks of the war on the Eastern Front - including 'White 6'.

This 33-inch long section from this aircraft's fuselage was acquired directly from Russia in 2019.

One of a kind! Signed and numbered 1 of 1. 


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