SPECIAL Luftwaffe Junkers Ju 188 Normandy Night Bomber Relic Display w/ Data Plate

Special one-of-a-kind Ju 188 relic display, with very rare date plate on horizontal tail rib section. Includes some upper-surface green and lower-surface gray paint.

This Junkers Ju 188 A-2 (Werksnummer 352211) served with 1./ Kampfgeschwader 6 in France until the invasion of Normandy (D-Day) by the Allies in June 1944. In late July the unit was moved further away from the Western Front. From Alhorn, in the Fatherland, 1./KG 6 conducted night operations against American and British ground forces. This Ju 188 was lost in Southern Belgium late in 1944, and this fragment, from this aircraft’s starboard horizontal stabilizer tip, was recovered in 1986.

Display size is 20x16-inches. Signed and numbered 1/1. Giclee print on archival matte canvas in a black open frame. Ready to hang.


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