SPECIAL 20x16 RAF SPAD S.VII WWI Wing Rib Relic Display

One of a kind special display for the Holidays! Open framed 20x16-inches archival matte canvas, ready-to-hang!

Own an incredibly rare piece of Great War aviation history! Authentic and with full provenance British-built SPAD S.VII c. 1917 authentic wing rib relic display with original artwork of this specific aircraft in service by Ron Cole. 

This SPAD S.VII was one of many of this type built in Britain under license after April 1917. After the Great War it, and an identical SPAD, were sent to the United States. One was purchased by renown collector George B. Jarrett, who displayed it for many years at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey. After World War II, Jarrett sold off his aircraft collection, which by then had been rebuilt with newer materials. Many of the original parts from Jarrett’s SPAD were sold and gifted to Robert Boehme of Seattle, Washington. The markings that this SPAD carried during the war are specifically unknown but are represented in this artwork based upon large portions of its original fabric - such as the sample at right. The Boehme Estate was acquired by Cole’s Aircraft n 2022.

Original doped and painted wartime linen: 


Each display arrives ready to hang in a black 23x19-inch frame (artwork with fabric is 20x16-inches). 

One of a kind! Signed & numbered one of one!


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