Boeing B-17G 'Parkers Madhouse' Combat Loss Relic Display

Own and preserve an authentic aluminum skin piece from this Flying Fortress, 'Parkers Madhouse' (s/n 43-37990). During Operation Wesseling, on October 3rd, 1944, this B-17G of the 384th BG/547th BS, was damaged by flak. All of the crew successfully bailed out over friendly territory, but the aircraft flew on until belly landing on its own - into a house near Tremelo. No one was hurt on the ground. Locals succeeded in 'raiding' the B-17 of potentially useful materials before Military Police arrived on the scene. As a consequence of that scavenging, several aluminum skin panels from this aircraft's wings were discovered, 75 years later, built into the roof of a barn. These pieces of metal have been cut from those panels, and are offered here with Ron Cole's original artwork of 'Parkers Madhouse' in flight, with this history.    

Displays are 11x17, and are ready to hang.


Each display is unique!  Signed and numbered.

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