German World War II V-1 & V-2 Combined Relic Display

Very special double relic display from Ron Cole: German V-1 'Buzz Bomb' and V-2 rocket. 11x17-inches, framed and ready to hang. Signed & numbered. 

Both of these parts originally came from the legendary Colonel George B. Jarrett Collection. Col. Jarrett oversaw the evaluation of Axis weaponry during World War II and went on to be the first director of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Museum and library until 1966. Each of these handmade displays includes a 1x1-inch section of plywood from a V-1 that is completely original and retains its wartime undersurface light blue paint. Each display also includes a 1x1-inch piece of exterior steel skin from the body of a V-2 rocket which retains its original wartime exterior green camouflage paint. Both came from samples in Jarrett's collection and have been well preserved. 

V weapons were Germany's desperate attempt to strike at the heart of the Allied war effort towards the end of World War II. The V-1 was first used against Britain six days after the Allied invasion of France. By the end of the war, 9251 V-1s had been launched against Britain. The far more advanced V-2 supersonic rocket was first used against the Allies on September 8th, 1944, and 1115 were ultimately launched by war's end.

Our supply of these pieces, carefully cut from somewhat larger sections, is very limited. Each piece will be of at least equal quality to the parts in the image, but the best pieces in terms of paint and other features will be provided with the first orders placed. This is true of all Cole's Aircraft relic displays. 

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