RAF Supermarine Spitfire Mk Ib Battle of Britain Camouflage Relic Display

Own a uniquely recognizable and well-preserved piece of World War II history!

No aircraft personifies the Battle of Britain like the Spitfire, and we offer you here not only a rare opportunity to own and preserve a piece of a Battle of Britain Spitfire Mk Ib, but a piece of aluminum that retains the aircraft's iconic and unique green early-war upper-surface camouflage! 

We unfortunately don't know what Squadron this aircraft served with or flew it - only that it was taken as a souvenir in September 1940, and the Mark Spitfire it came from - thus the details are lost to history. But we've never had Spitfire or Battle of Britain aircraft relic material as beautiful as these. 

The 4.5x1.5 inch pieces of aluminum are paired with Ron Cole's just-released artwork of this famous aircraft bearing these camouflage colors, signed and numbered by the artist, in a wall-hanging 11x17 inch display under glass.   


Size and Paper

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