Luftwaffe Arado Ar 234 B 'Blitz'

The Arado Ar 234 'Blitz' was one of Adolf Hitler's last-ditch 'wonder weapons' of World War II that was to have turned the tide of the conflict in Germany's favor. A true technological marvel of its day, the aircraft went into very limited production at the end of the war, arriving at the front lines only after the war was all but won by the Allied Powers. Only a few ever actually saw combat and none had any tangible impact on the war. 
Arado Ar 234B-2, Wk.Nr. 140342 (F1+AS) flown by Ofw.Friedrich Bruchlos, was lost in action while attacking the Ludendorff Bridge near Remagen on March 9th 1945. The aircraft crashed in German-held territory and its wreck was discovered and identified by aviation historian Werner Girbig in 1975. These pieces of steel from this aircraft's airframe were recovered in 2004.
This piece comes in a 9x19 inch frame as pictured - ready to hang!
Each display is unique!  Signed and numbered - one of only 15. 

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