Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto G4M1 'Betty' Aircraft Small Relic Display

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto G4M1 relic display, with an excellent piece of Yamamoto's aircraft recovered from Bougainville in 1968 - with original paint! Very rare, the site of the crash is today a protected historical site.

These 1 x 1 inch pieces have been cut from a larger section that was recovered from the crash site on Bougainville in 1968 by an Australian survey team. Each piece has the unique Japanese 'Aotake' paint. 


Operation Vengeance was the American military operation to kill Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy on April 18, 1943, during the Solomon Islands campaign in the Pacific Theater of World War II and exactly one year following the United States' most direct previous blow to Japan with the Doolittle Raid. Isoroku Yamamoto, commander of the Combined Fleet of the Imperial Japanese Navy, was killed on Bougainville Island when his transport bomber aircraft was shot down by United States Army Air Forces fighter aircraft operating from Kukum Field on Guadalcanal.
The mission of the U.S. aircraft was specifically to kill Yamamoto and was based on United States Navy intelligence on Yamamoto's itinerary in the Solomon Islands area. The death of Yamamoto reportedly damaged the morale of Japanese naval personnel (described by Samuel Eliot Morison as being considered the equivalent of a major defeat in battle), raised the morale of the Allied forces, and was intended as revenge by U.S. leaders who blamed Yamamoto for the Pearl Harbor attack which initiated the formal state of war between Imperial Japan and the United States.



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